Seasonal Color

To further embellish many of Sander Groves’ finely landscaped properties, our Seasonal Color program provides dramatic year-round impact. Through an evolution of cheerful spring bulbs, profusely blooming summer annuals, or bold winter foliage combinations, our color installations keep planting beds and pottery dynamic as the garden progresses through the seasons.

Seasonal Color involves more than just flowers. As you’ll see in the images displayed, bold leaf shapes – like those of variegated Cannas or New Zealand Flax, or the bright chartreuse foliage of Japanese Forest Grass—provide dramatic textural interest that anchor many of our displays. These stunning plant combinations often reflect a deliberately chosen palette to compliment interior & exterior color schemes and the specific tastes of our clientele.

An integral part of Sander Groves’ Seasonal Color program involves the selection and set-up of specialty pottery. Our talented personnel consider the architecture of the residence, project budget, and homeowner style in the careful selection of “just the right” pottery & planting combinations for that shady front entry or sunny poolside terrace!


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